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Bicycle Friendly Businesses

Make your Business Bicycle Friendly

The Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) program lead by The League of Amercian Bicyclists is designed to recognize employers efforts to promote a more bicycle friendly culture for their employees and customers. The program honors and awards forward-thinking bike friendly efforts and provides help and information to assist companies and organizations in becoming even better for cyclists.

What is a Bicycle Friendly Business?

A Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) is an organization, association, corporation, government agency, or non-profit that actively encourages and promotes bicycling for transportation, recreation, exercise, and sport. A business that is bicycle friendly demonstrates social responsibility by incorporating cycling into the business atmosphere and provided employees the opportunity to take action in their personal and environmental health through cycling.

Is my Business Ready to Apply?

Use the BFB Attributes provided by the League to find out if your business is ready to apply. Generally, business that are ready to apply have accomplished some or all of the following:

  • The business provides secure and convenient bike parking
  • Showers are on-site and are free for employee use
  • There are incentives provided by the business for employees to commute to work by bike
  • The business works with local advocates to improve bicycling conditions for the community
  • The business supports a bicycle team/club
  • The business offers bicycle education classes
  • Bicycling education materials are available to employees on a regular basis
  • The business has a bike coordinator (full, part-time, or volunteer) to help promote cycling

Remember the Four E’s

The Four E’s are a set of guidelines to help you in the process of becoming more bicycle friendly. Most steps that need to be taken and changes that need to be made can be found in one of the four categories below:


Safe cycling access; bike racks for employees and guests; showers and lockers for commuters and lunchtime riders.


Bike-safety programs; mentorship for new commuters; and equipment tutorials.


Benefits for bike commuters; paid mileage for trips made by bike; loaner bikes for errands and short trips; and earn-a-bike programs.


An assessment of what’s already being done and what to aim for in the future; in-house bike coordinators; and target ridership numbers. This is also the section to highlight your business’s unique programs and policies that promote and celebrate bicycling—from loaner bikes for short trips and in-house spin classes to supporting charity rides and sponsoring bike-racing teams.