About Us

We design, build, and install

Ground Control Systems is the leading specialty contractor of innovative bike, board, and scooter parking in North America. With over 30 years of experience, we are on the cutting edge of the micromobility movement, and the infrastructure we create is an integral part of it. 

For many developers and planners, the decision-making process is driven by “what is” not “what can be”. We take a different approach. Our parking solutions are designed for the user, by the user. It’s not about the cost for us. It’s about the experience.

We continue to build solutions, not racks. We build for function first and form second. Brilliant? We think so.


The League of American Bicyclists awarded Ground Control Systems as a “Platinum” level bicycle-friendly business, their highest honor. Very few companies can claim this title and we pride ourselves on standing alongside them. Awards like this are why we love what we do.

We are innovators We are advocates. We are Ground Control Systems the micromobility parking experts.



The Ground Control Difference


Ground Control maintains the high level of excellence we established as Park A Bike, when we received the first ever American Society of Landscape Architects’ People’s Choice Award for the design and function of the Varsity Bike Dock®. Ground Control Systems takes this excellence even further, incorporating our step-by-step planning and execution process into each specific project.


Ground Control assigns you a dedicated relationship manager that ensures the success of your bike and board parking project. We are with you every step of the way to help you take control of your ground.


The best parking systems come down to a game of inches. We provide the education to help customers understand this game of inches and how a systemic project investment beats simple product costs every time.


We are the campus standard and premier planning provider for more than 150 universities and corporate campuses throughout the United States. Ground Control Systems recognizes that space, cost effectiveness and ease of use are at the top of the list for customers.


Form meets function with these new products. See our MBA freestanding and weighted base Varsity rack, our new Dismount scooter option and our Modern design, high security Guardian bike rack.


We help orchestrate successful bike parking and skateboard parking projects from site design to product installation. 


We are devoted to providing world-class bicycle and board parking that go beyond bent pieces of metal. We give you orderly solutions that address footprint, space efficiency and actually encourage ridership.

Leadership & Staff


Chad Whitney

VP of oPerations / Co-owner 

Chad came to us with a heavy professional construction background in carpentry and sheet metal. Combined with the technical skills he learned at an early age building computers. The “Swiss Army Knife” of the company knows nothing except how to make it happen. He spearheads our CAD department to consistently find solutions for all bike parking needs. If you happen to catch him on a weekend he is probably getting greasy wrenching on a motor or racing the vessel it goes in.

Nathan Carnahan

All Business Communications

With the most positive disposition around, Nate is the #1 chief deputy and go-to guy in every business we operate. He handles everything from our trade shows to human resources to IT functions to sales connections. His ability to deftly handle multiple duties makes him the definition of Ground Control (next to Donn, of course). There is no job too big or too small for Nate, and he takes on tasks with contagious enthusiasm. When he isn’t hard at work at the company he is usually sitting on the board of a non-profit, running an event, speaking at a conference or cheering his kids on at a sporting event. He loves to live life making the most of everything and simply making those around him happy.

Customer Experience Team

Anisa Renteria

Client Logistics

Anisa earned a Bachelors Degree in Operations Management from San Francisco State University in 2017. While she loves the cold and gloomy weather that the city by the bay has to offer, her family and friends couldn’t keep her away from Sacramento for longer than a few years. With her logistical mindset and problem-solving attitude. From Point A to Point B and everything in between. This part of her personality is the reason she acts as the “planner” for all things needing an itinerary outside of work! She loves to travel whenever given the chance – both near and far.

Keeton Freels

Sales Manager

Keeton comes from a wonderful family of entrepreneurs. He understands the importance of team building  and always asks how we can embrace career progression for all. Though he works directly with the President in sales, Ground Control Systems can drop him in any position and he will excel. Keeton is beyond his years with understanding how important the people are around an organization’s success. Keeton manages some our biggest clients and is currently our scooter rack expert.

Niko Gonzalez

Installation Manager

How you do anything is how you do everything” -Unknown

With this in mind, Niko’s focus is on high performance. No matter the task, he makes an extra effort to strive for quality & efficiency. Whether it be his first time performing a task or his 1000th. Niko has lived in California his entire life and enjoys the variety of activities it has to offer. 

JJ Larrosa


JJ Worked in our Accounting Department for 3 years before joining our sales team as an Estimator. He thoroughly enjoys working with our clients to find the right solution for their needs. In his spare time JJ enjoys being in the great outdoors and working around his property and caring for his animals.

Zach Carvalho


Coming from the world of first responders, Zach thrives in fast-paced work environments. His life has revolved around the outdoors in both the ski and bike industries. He is extremely detail-oriented and is always looking to learn something new. He joined our sales team in 2021 and brings a fresh perspective to the business. When not at work, Zach likes to escape to the mountains to ski.

Michael Claudio

Project Manager – Northwest / Rockies / Canada

We knew it was the right fit when Michael showed up to Ground Control with both cycling chops and parking know-how. He spent the early days of his life as a bike messenger in Washington, D.C., darting around crazy cab drivers and locking his bike to whatever he could every time he delivered a package. Michael sure appreciates a bicycle friendly environment with proper bike parking. He also knows a good bike… especially the four of his own. When he isn’t busy making college campuses across the country bicycle friendly, Michael keeps busy as a Cat. 2 cyclist and personal trainer. Michael is our campus and bike shelter expert.

Chris Dominguez


“Yes”, and “Absolutely” are all words you hear from the man who helps all of us. Chris was integral in starting the business when it was known as Park A Bike 30 years ago. He was also the co-designer of our most popular “Varsity” bike dock. If bike-parking knowledge is King, Chris is the King of our business. Chris is yet another lifelong cyclist. He is so passionate about cycling and Ground Control’s mission to create better bike parking that he invented the first bike rack to attach to the back of a motorcycle.  A man who never slows down and just keeps delivering, he is called “The Legend” around here for good reason.