Lockable Skateboard & Scooter Racks


Control The Chaos and Embrace the Board

A new wave of Micromobility is driving the market, and Ground Control Systems has the lockable storage solution for any electric or foot-powered board or scooter. Security, order and safety have never been of greater concern than now, with the electric scooter craze and the movement to bring boards to schools and campuses across America.
Ground Control Systems has stayed ahead of the movement by creating innovative storage solutions for student housing, multi-family housing, urban environments and business campuses. 
Whether you are looking for a docking station for electric scooters, or a dock for longboards and skateboards, we have the most secure, user-friendly, best value products for your project.    

How do you get your school to “Embrace the Board” 

An all-in-one tool kit to enact policy change on your Campus

Lockable Skateboard & Scooter Racks

Skateboard and Scooter

Lockable Skateboard & Scooter Racks

Scooter Only