Let your space planning and ordinance requirements be our problem

Our project services are a step-by-step planning and execution process that maximizes space while fitting effortlessly into the requirements of bike, board, and scooter parking projects of any shape or size. Let your space planning and ordinance requirements be our problem. With 30+ years in business and more than 10,000 clients, we have helped set the standard for “end to end” solutions in bike parking. 


Ordinance & ADA

Product Selection

Planning & Design

Logistics & Delivery


For more information about our services, get started by contacting a dedicated project specialist. 

bike rack installation

Parking Ordinance & ADA Support

Following the codes and requirements of bike parking is critical to maximize bike-counts, provide proper clearances, and to ensure that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards are met.

Following and understanding bike parking ordinance for cities or types of buildings is the first step in making sure projects are completed in a timely manner. Depending on the ordinance, different cities may require more short-term or long-term bike parking. 

Let our in-house experts guide you through this process. 

Product selection

Our experience in the industry has given us useful insight into which classifications (Class 1 and/or class 2) are necessary for different bike parking projects and what products/racks offer the appropriate amount of security given the specific project. We are here to answer the what, how, why and when regarding bike parking. Visit our Bike Rack comparison chart to help you with your decision. 

Space Planning & Design

Our design and planning team is trained to determine site location, maximize density, avoid possible obstructions, and analyze mounting options.

We have assisted thousands of colleges, municipalities and businesses to review their parking plans. We save teams time and money by getting micromobility parking planning and design right the first time.

Computer aided design is ever evolving and our design team has stayed well versed. Through its implementation and our knowledge of bike parking we can create accurate models and layouts to virtually depict usage of your space.  

Logistics & Delivery

Transparency and communication are critical to keep the timeline of your project on track. Today’s construction environment is dynamic. Ground Control Systems will work with you every step of the way in order to make projects go as smoothly as possible. You will receive a dedicated logistics manager for your bike parking project.



Ground Control Systems specializes in installation of our core products as well as several other specialty products. Examples of other products would be any and all types of lockers, site furnishings, and more! We also provide consultation services for facility managers and general contractors across the United States.

Our compliance department is well versed in the world of subcontracts, making us a breeze to work with. Each project will have a designated Senior Project Manager to get the job done right the first time.