Guide Book Index

The Guide Book Index lists all of our educational materials intended to address specific concerns and questions across the bike and board parking world.

Bike Parking Guide

The Bike Parking Guide offers simple tips and tools to plan out a successful bike parking project. We show you the host of benefits that can come with your project as well as all the variables you may run into. Additional resources and funding options outlined in this guide can take your bike parking project to the next level.

With the inclusion of ordinances, spacing, and layouts, to mounting and finish options, this handy resource introduces all you need to know to make your bike parking project complete.

Campus Bike & Board Parking Guide

What programs are available to make your campus greener? How many ways can you fund your alternative transportation department? Out of all the bike racks in the market, which one is best for you?

The Campus Bike & Board Parking Guide combines nation-wide best examples and best practices to answer these questions, and more. This guide provides resources that allow you to find a solution unique to your campus.

Bicycle Storage Facility Guide

Long-term bicycle storage is a complicated world of parking ordinances, security, and meeting bike density requirements.  Our Bicycle Storage Facility Guide simplifies the process by walking you through different bicycle parking classes, common ordinance terminology, spacing recommendations, and successful layout designs.

Planning on building an outdoor parking facility or designating a room for bikes? This guide makes the process less complicated.

SkateDock Guides


With three simple steps, our skateboard and scooter racks can be successfully implemented and adopted. The SkateDock Successful Program Guide quickly covers Location, Education, and Enforcement steps to provide the most high-security and orderly solution to control board and scooter chaos.

The SkateDock Successful Program Guide will ensure your racks are being used most effectively.


This handy bookmark style document is ready to share for board and scooter safety.

Pair with the SkateDock Successful Program Guide for additional safety education, giving 5 straightforward steps students can follow to mitigate accidents and injury.


IT Despite the popularity and benefits, there remains an ongoing discussion about whether skateboards should even be allowed on universities. With each school having their own skateboarding policies, getting y our campus t o allow skateboarding is far more complicated than just asking f or it.

This comprehensive toolkit is available to help skateboarding clubs run successful institutional change campaigns. From finding allies to constructing y our proposal, this guide will walk you through the process of policy change on a campus.