University & College Parking Solutions

Offering a 5 step process to the perfect campus. It starts with a visit, then budgets, planning with architects and surveys with sustainability. In short, we make sure that any discussion meets all your needs.

We are the campus standard on 80 university campuses and counting. Between all of our products and services, we will help you on your journey to be a top “Bicycle Friendly University.”

Multi-Family Housing & City Parking Solutions

Within every city there are multiple issues to address. Most of them start with a city-wide bike and board parking ordinance. Parking ordinances might call out setbacks, required aisle way space for pedestrian traffic, specific approved racks and in multi-family, ratios of bike racks to dwellings.


K12 Solutions

Ground Control Systems will help you “Control the Chaos”. Whether by scooter, skateboard or bike, our solutions are tailored for safe intuitive parking. We have created a series of guidebooks and other tools to help you successfully create an active transportation parking plan. We have over 30 years of experience and have now worked with over 1,000 schools.

AVOID BIKE RACK MISTAKES THAT LAST A LIFETIME – How to choose the right rack the first time

Ground Control Systems applied our 30+ years of experience in the bike rack business to create a series of witty but informative videos for choosing lasting bike parking for your projects. Who would have thought density, security, ease of use and cost were as amusing as this?