How Will Clear Walkways Help Your School?

Enhancing student achievement begins with secure arrival. Active transportation exercises bodies and minds but leaves schools with piles of kid’s vehicles. Whether by scooter, skateboard or bike–our solutions are tailored for the safe intuitive parking of every mode of active transportation.

How Do Disorganized Scooters Create Safety Challenges?

Inspection violations are only some of the liabilities schools can face. Stop a problem that can only get worse. Contact us to connect with a K 12 expert who will help you find specific solutions and make your parking project a success.

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Manage your school’s transportation plan with zero headaches! We have over 25 years of experience working with campus facilities managers, transportation planners, principles and funding agencies so get projects done fast and right.



Success Guide

Learn how Location, Education, and Enforcement provide the most high-security and orderly solution to control board and scooter chaos.

Safety Steps

5 straightforward steps students can follow to mitigate accidents and injury.

Policy Change

Getting your campus to allow skateboarding is far more complicated than just asking for it. See what this may mean for your school.

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Download Resources


Ground Control Systems has helped more than 1,000 K-12 schools and hundreds of universities Embrace the Board and say “enough!” to chaos in the classroom. We are the leaders in innovative storage solutions for space-efficient bike, scooter, board, and electric micromobility. See what’s made us the choice again and again to solve board and scooter parking challenges.