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City of Corvallis Bicycle Parking Ordinance


Bicycle use, particularly commuter use, is greatly influenced by availability of bicycle parking. Bicyclists need safe, well-lighted, dry, and convenient storage for their bicycles after arriving at their destination. Automobile drivers can imagine avoiding places where they had to park a convertible with the top down and the keys in the ignition, out in the rain and an inconvenient distance away from their destination. This is how bicyclists feel when they must park in inconvenient places, often with nothing secure to lock their bikes to, making their bikes easy prey for thieves.

Safe parking bas two important requirements. First, it should be nearbuilding entrances or other well-lighted areas ofhigh activity in plain view ofpeople who could notice and report attempted thefts. Bike parking nearbuilding entrances provides safety, convenience, and gives a preferential treatment to bicycles. This preferential treatment has the potential to increase bike use and is reconunended wherever possible.
Second, a bicyclist should be able to lock the bicycle’s frame and front tire to some immovable fixture~ The type of fixture or bike rack provided should not have a potential for damaging the bicycle and should accommodate the long V-bolt lockset that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. Bicycle parking should also be covered. A parking cover provides a degree of comfort to the bicyclist (a dry place for mounting and dismounting the bike), and helps to protect the bike by limiting its exposure to the elements.

Areas within Corvallis that would most benefit from additional bicycle parking are as follows:

  • Public buildings
  • Timber Hill Shopping Center
  • The elementary, middle, and high schools of District 509J
  • Oregon State University
  • Commercial developments and Shopping Centers along:
    • 9th Street
    • Kings Boulevard
    • Circle Boulevard
    • Monroe Avenue
    • South 3rd Street
    • Walnut Boulevard
  • Downtown businesses
  • Other large employers such as:
    • Hewlett Packard
    • Evanite
    • CH2M HILL
    • Governmental Agencies
  • Parks and other recreational centers
  • Medical facilities, including Good Samaritan Hospital and Corvallis Clinic
  • All new developments and businesses of significant size

Hewlett-Packard and Oregon State University are currently leaders in providing bicycle parking and could serve as models to others.

Several new policies aimed at increasing the locations and numbers of bicycle parking facilities are listed in the Policies section of the Bicycle Plan. In addition, the Land Development Code has been amended to provide bicycle parking in new developments as required by Transportation Planning Rule 12.

Currently, additional bicycle parking is needed on Monroe Avenue. The lack of ample bicycle parking has bicyclists riding short distances on the sidewalk and parking on the sidewalk in front of their destinations where they can watch their bikes and prevent them from being stolen. Bicyclists on the sidewalk create a hazard to pedestrians. Sidewalk widths are narrow on portions of the south side of the street. The City has recently developed a Monroe Avenue Bicycle Parking and Pedestrian Plan that addresses these issues in a comprehensive manner incorporating suggestions from all affected parties. Further efforts are underway to provide bicycle and pedestrian amenities in the corridor consistent with the desires of the effected parties.

This plan recommends that the City promote bicycle parking and help provide bicycle parking where appropriate. It is also recommended that the City investigate the feasibility of providing incentives to encourage work places to provide bicycle parking and shower facilities.

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