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City of Davis Bicycle Parking Ordinance

Bicycle Parking Guidelines

For the most up to date information, check out the Davis’ guidelines on cityofdavis.org. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Section 40.25A.030 Definitions
The terms in this article have the meanings set forth below:

Alternative Compliance: The determination that the prescribed bicycle parking standard per land
use type is not warranted for a particular project because of the use or location and that an
adjustment to the standard for the project is necessary, based on the considerations established for
alternative compliance.

Bicycle Parking Space: The volume of space that is used to accommodate the storage of one locked
bicycle. Bicycle parking spaces are to be designed and spaced in a way that accommodates for
typical two-wheel bicycles and alternative bicycles.

Alternative Bicycle: Non-traditional bicycles with larger parking space requirements, including but
not limited to, cargo bikes, bikes with trailers, recumbent bikes, etc.

Long-Term Bicycle Parking: Bicycle parking spaces intended to be used for periods of time that are
longer than two hours and are targeted to residents, employees and other long term users. Long
term bicycle parking typically offers increased levels of security in lit, covered, and permanently
anchored locations, which are proximate to employee or resident locations/entrances. Long term
bicycle parking may be accompanied or used in conjunction with storage lockers, locked rooms
or enclosures, and parking areas internal to the building.

Short-Term Bicycle Parking: Bicycle parking spaces intended to be used for periods of time that are
two hours or less and are targeted to visitors, customers and other short term users. Short term
bicycle parking racks shall provide two points of contact for a bicycle, allow for locking of the
frame to the rack, and be securely anchored to the ground or wall. Short term bicycle parking
shall be in a visible location, as near as possible to entrances.
Section 40.25A.040 Bicycle parking standards
(a) This article establishes bicycle parking standards as follows, except as further noted:

City of Davis Bicycle Parking Standards

Land Uses Examples Standard (sf=gross square feet) Short Term Parking Long Term Parking
Residential – group living Fraternity, sorority, co-op housing 1 per bed 25% 75%
Residential – multi-family Apartments, condominiums 1 per bedroom 25% 75%
Lodging Hotel, Motel 1 per 10 guest rooms 50% 50%
Restaurant – quick serve Deli, coffee shop, bar 1 per 150 sf 75% 25% 1 per 150 sf 75% 25%
Restaurant – sitdown Restaurant 1 per 500 sf 75% 25%
Retail, general
Grocery store, hardware,
1 per 1000 sf 75% 25%
Garden supply, appliance stores,
auto repair, auto dealership
1 per 1000 sf 75% 25%
Office Professional, medical, dental,
government, clinic, bank
1 per 1,500 sf 75% 25%
Shopping Center Mix of personal services, retail,
restaurants, offices
1 per 1,750 sf 75% 25%
Institutional Schools, day care 1 per 2,500 sf 75% 25%
Light Industrial R&D, business park 1 per 2,000 sf 25% 75%
Industrial Warehouse, manufacturing,
1 per 7,500 sf 25% 75%
Civic, cultural,
religious centers
Library or museum (occupancy),
places of worship (seats)
10% of
or seats
75% 25%
Theater (seats), health club
10% of
or seats
75% 25%
Open space, parks,
recreational uses
Ball field, driving range,
playground, parks
As determined by the Community
Development and Sustainability Director
(Core Area)
Includes all non-residential land
use types in downtown
Apply same standards for land use above
when feasible. City provides an on-going
bicycle rack program for the Downtown
Core Area.

(b) *Downtown Core Area – All Non-Residential Uses. The City employs an on-going bicycle
parking program within the public right-of-way for the Downtown Core Area. Businesses and
developments within the Downtown Core Area are not required to provide bicycle parking if adequate onsite
space is not available, as determined by the Community Development and Sustainability Director.
Downtown multi-family developments shall comply with the requirements of this article.
(c) Minimum requirements. All non-residential uses shall provide a minimum of two bicycle parking
spaces per site. In the case of multi-tenant buildings minimum required bicycle parking shall be two
spaces per tenant. Alternative compliance may supersede this requirement.
(d) Alternative compliance, as established in Section 40.25A.070, may be applied to all land use
(e) Short-term and long-term percentages listed in the table are intended as guidelines subject to a
final determination by the Community Development and Sustainability Director.

Section 40.25A.050 Detailed standards and installation guidelines
All accessory bicycle parking spaces shall be provided on the same parcel as the building or use to which
such spaces are required. Bicycle rack installation locations must be near or within visual site distance of
building entrances. Further detailed standards and findings- such as acceptable dimensions are provided
in the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals’ “Bicycle Parking Guidelines” and the City of
Davis “Project Development Standards Guide”, which is maintained by the Department of Community
Development and Sustainability.

Section 40.25A.60 Calculation of required spaces
(a) When a tract of land is developed with a mixed use building or development such as
residential/commercial, residential/office, or retail/office, but is developed under single ownership or
control, the required bicycle parking will be determined by calculating the required parking for each
individual land use and then adding the individual requirements together to create a total bicycle parking
(b) When the required number of spaces is based on net building area, the net building area of any
accessory use is included with the primary use in the calculation. (e.g. manufacturing site with accessory
office space).
(c) After the bicycle parking requirement has been calculated, if the requirement results in a fraction
of a space to be provided, the parking space requirement shall be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Rest Facilities

The city’s bike map shows rest facilities (generally day use areas with rest room facilities) that may be used by bicyclists. Also shown are bike shops and a few points of interest. Since Davis is an urban area, commercial establishments that provide air, water, shopping, food, telephones, etc. are readily available either along the bicycle routes or in close proximity to them.
There are no public facilities for changing and storing clothes and equipment. The only public showering facilities available are at the four public swimming pool complexes. City employees have access to shower facilities at the Corporation Yard and the Parks and Community Services Operations office on 5th Street. Storage of clothes and equipment is limited to 32 bicycle storage lockers that are available on a monthly rental basis. These lockers are currently located at the Mace Blvd. Park & Ride lot, the Capital Corridor Train Depot, City Hall and the Corporation Yard. Facilities available for changing clothing is limited to public restrooms associated with public buildings, parks and sports complexes. With the exception of the bicycle storage lockers available for individual rent, none of the other facilities noted above allow 24-hour access for the general public.

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