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Leed Credits for Bicycle Parking

Ground Control Systems® has been designing and providing bike racks to businesses, campuses, and municipalities nationwide for over twenty years. We are well versed in the importance of staying healthy, going green, and providing a product that will help others do just that. Our main objective is to design a product that will help others go green and yet can protect their bicycles from theft and damage while utilizing the space you have allotted for bike parking.

Our most popular bike rack, the Varsity® Bike Dock is also our safest, most efficient and cost effective rack for commercial and private businesses. In addition to bike racks, we also provide outdoor bike shelters for those who want the most security for their bicycles. We offer layout consultation and planning in our services section to help you decide what your best options are for the space you have available and what will best meet the needs of cyclists in your area. Please feel free to call us or email us anytime with questions and inquiries, we would love to hear from you.

  • LEED points are applied to the Sustainable Sites (SS) category and qualify under SS Credit 4.2: Alternative Transportation: Bicycle Changing and Storage Rooms for 1-2 points.
  • For recycled content in particular, LEED points apply to the Materials & Resources (MR) category and qualify under MR Credit 4.1/ 4.2.
  • The typical re-melt rate for stainless steel is between 60 and 85%. Our products are at least 60% recycled. 
  • All stainless steel products are 100% recyclable.
  • The average recycled content of the steel used to manufacture our bike parking racks is at least 20% and can reach as high as 75%.


Reduce automobile use and land development for a continual decrease in pollution levels.


To qualify for this credit, buildings that are commercial, residential and/or institutional must provide secure bicycle parking within 100 feet of an entrance to the building.

The guidelines below must be met or exceeded:

• Commercial/Institutional Buildings: Bike racks must be provided for 5% or more of all building occupants measured during peak use. Showering facilities must also be provided in order to qualify.

• Residential Buildings: There must be covered facilities for bike racks/storage for 15% of the occupants. Showering facilities are not required.

Potential Additional Point for Exemplary Performance

One innovation point for “exemplary performance in alternative transportation” can be obtained by creating a complete alternative transportation plan for occupants within the building that will result in a verifiable decrease in single occupancy vehicles. Examples include alternative transportations such as biking and walking, public transit options, car pooling and telecommuting.