Double Docker® – Two Tier Lift Assist Bike Parking Racks

Maximum density, Increased value! The Double Docker takes high-density parking to the second level and helps you get the most bikes per sq. ft. with our max density layouts. Double Docker layouts are perfect when every inch counts. The Double Docker is an essential rack when it comes to meeting your long-term ordinance requirements. Ground Control System's two-tier parking solution is easy to use and accommodates almost all types of bicycles. Riders only need to raise their bikes a few inches off the ground before the tray helps lift their bike to the second level. The Double Docker was built with Class I long-term parking storage facilities in mind. It is safe, secure, user and bicycle-friendly. Check out our new bike room builder tool and layout a bike room in seconds.

Double Docker® – Two Tier Lift Assist Bike Parking Racks

Product Features

  • Two Tier Lift Assist Bike Parking Racks Double Docker
  • 4 – 6 bikes secured per assembly
  • Double sided options: 8 – 12 bikes secured per assembly
  • Two-tier enables double the density
  • Gas strut load assist
  • Convenient locking loops secure the bicycle frame & tire
  • Movable legs allow for flexible layouts, top shelf can stand alone to create space for other racks or storage
  • Silver, galvanized finish for long-term durability or Black polyester powder coat
  • Surface mount – Concrete (anchors sold separately)
  • Compare to the Double Decker and the Stretch Rack
Two Tier Lift Assist Bike Racks Double Docker


Architect & Contractor Toolbox


The Toolbox is a hub of all Two Tier Two Lift Assist Bike Racks Double Docker™ documents and assets to successfully plan your project. Contact us to get started today.

ADA Compliance for Protruding Objects:

The Double Docker® is equipped with cane detectable lower tray extensions. Click below to download the specifications sheet.