Offset® VR2 – Vertical Bike Parking Racks

The VR2 Offset is our flagship lockable vertical parking rack. By staggering the wheel holders we created a high density vertical rack without sacrificing usability for the end user. Ground Control's best feature on this rack is the wheel ramp. It assists in the lifting and hanging of bicycles, simply set the bike's front tire on the ramp and roll it up and hook it on.  The VR2’s high density and end user features makes it the go to choice for architects all over the country. Check out our new bike room builder tool and layout a bike room in seconds

Offset® VR2 – Vertical Bike Parking Racks

Product Features

  • 2 bike vertical bike parking racks
  • Wheel ramp for easy lifting
  • Solid locking loop provides 3 points of contact for high security
  • Can be mounted to any wall type
  • Usable on our Side/Center stage base stations
  • Rack choice for hundreds of Architects
  • Ultra space saving design

Offset Vertical Bike Racks


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