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What To Look For in a Vertical Bike Rack

When constructed correctly, vertical bike racks serve as the ideal solution for maximizing space and providing necessary bike security for long-term parking. Many companies may claim their racks are ultra space savers, compatible with a U-lock, but what they sometimes fail to mention is that those features are only guaranteed for certain bike demographics.

It’s important when purchasing any rack, especially vertical bike racks, that you make certain the rack you choose accommodates most, if not all styles of bikes. A rack like the Offset™, unlike many of the other vertical options out there, is able to quarter the very popular beach cruiser due to its hanging hook. Many vertical rack options have a holster for the front tire, which does not cater to larger tires or bikes with fenders, such as the beach cruiser.

According to the NBDA, sales of bicycles that have a 20″ tire or greater are steadily rising and those providing parking must be in the know on acclimating to the trend.

If your school or project calls for long-term vertical parking, be sure to do your research. Not all racks are the same, and many have had to be replaced almost instantly after purchase because they did not cater to the user.

Here are four advantages you’ll get with the Vertical Offset Rack :


Providing the most secure vertical bike parking experience, the Offset supplies users with three points of locking contact offering the highest security locking. With The Offest™, there is no need to shift around your bike until you find the perfect locking point. Once hooked on the rack, the solid steel locking loop aligns perfectly with the bicycle frame and front tire allowing for the user to simply lock their bike at three points.  


While other racks on the market may provide a quick fix, the Offset provides a longterm solution. Constructed from solid steel, and dipped in a black Duroplast  finish rather than a simple powder coating, the Offset has proven itself to be one of the most durable racks in the game. Unlike other racks that may begin to break and lose paint after extended periods of use, the high-quality Offset was designed for heavy use.  

Orderly And High-Density Parking:

Serving as one of the country’s only dual unit bicycle racks, the Vertical Offset is capable of securing two bicycles at the same time within 6 – 8 inches of space and can house a multitude of bicycle styles.

Providing high-density layout possibilities, Offset racks can be placed side-by-side for maximum space-efficient parking helping to prevent bike damage, and maintain order within bike storage rooms.  

User Convinience:

Equipped with a loading ramp allowing cyclists to roll their bike up the rack to the security hook, The Offset serves as one of the most user-friendly vertical racks out there. Preventing the need for cyclists to lift their bike off of the ground,  all riders need to do is tilt their bike onto its back tire, rest the seat on the front of their leg, and simply roll it into place. Once they are ready to go, it’s the same process in reverse.

When trying to accommodate a wider range of bicycle types, vertical bike racks with hooks are the way to go. Vertical bike racks, like the Offset, are tailored for high-density parking and come in wall-mounted or freestanding variations.



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